All in Family

I can't believe it is already the first week of March 2018 and today would be my parents' 61st wedding anniversary.  

It has been 2 years since my father passed away in February 2016.  Since that time, I have been attempting to balance the work of Grace Network International (GNI), Shepherd's House Ministries (SHM), Gatley Family Trusts (Trustee), Grace Gate Community Church (GGCC), and my personal life at home with my family.  It has not been easy which has led to my departure from SHM in Sep 2017.

We never really had our full winter in Central Oregon and now, like most of the west, we are in drought conditions and are under extreme fire conditions. Typically, in June we are able to access the upper elevations of the mountains, but not without running into a lot of snow.  This year, we have been able to access higher elevations WITHOUT much snow and now only glacier snow remains in the mountains.