living in Central oregon, brian is a follower of Jesus who is the director of operations for grace network international, the father of four, and husband of one.

Drought this summer

We never really had our full winter in Central Oregon and now, like most of the west, we are in drought conditions and are under extreme fire conditions. Typically, in June we are able to access the upper elevations of the mountains, but not without running into a lot of snow.  This year, we have been able to access higher elevations WITHOUT much snow and now only glacier snow remains in the mountains.

 - May 27 - 30 - Brian travelled to Seattle for the AGRM (Association of Gospel Rescue Missions) national convention and experienced unseasonably warm 80+ degree weather.

 - May 31 - Brian and Beth hike to the top of Tumalo Mountain - 7,779 ft above sea level and run into some snow, but nothing significant.

 - June 7 - Brian, Beth, Jarod, Cody and Taylor hike up Whychus Creek (3,498 ft above sea level) in our first 90+ degree heat wave (unseasonably warm for June in Central Oregon).

- June 11 - TSH Graduation for 4 men.  In 4 years since starting at TSH in 2011, we have had 26 graduates from the program; 24 (92%) of which are still sober and doing well.

- June 14 - Jarod’s 3rd of 4 out trips for his black belt test.  (His first out trip was in April.)  We drop Jarod at the dojo at 5 am and then head to Smith Rock to hike up the Misery Ridge Trail (1,000 ft elevation gain in 0.75 miles). It was a beautiful time to be at Smith Rock.

- June 17 - Kiehl comes to visit from CA and to attend 2 weddings on Saturday, June 20.  It was great to have her home and spend some time together.  Our temperatures reach into the 80s starting off a warm early summer.

- July 4 - Brian and Jarod drive some remote forest service roads and eventually hike along Whychus Creek again.

- July 7 - Beth and Jarod join us on The Shepherd’s House Activity Day and hike Tam McArthur Rim trail for a spectacular view of Broken Top, Three Sisters, Mt Jefferson and Mt Hood.

- July 13 - 3:00 am - Wake up to get Jarod to the dojo by 4:45 am for his final black belt test.

 - July 13 - 4:15 pm - Jarod has PASSED HIS BLACK BELT TEST and has received a black belt after 7 years of training (the normal timeframe it takes at his dojo to reach a black belt).  Congratulations Jarod!

 - July 26 - We have the opportunity to hear how God is working in Haiti through Haiti ARISE  The Founders, Marc & Lisa Honorat visit our church and we get spend some more time with them at a friends house for the rest of the afternoon.

Kiehl is still living in CA and starting a new job soon at a preschool/early child development center, for which she will also be taking college classes at the local community classes.  She will be coming back to OR to visit the beginning of August to be here for Jarod’s Tea Ceremony on August 7.

Taylor and Cody are still living in Sisters and working hard.  Cody works for Butler Aviation at the Redmond Airport and is beginning a busy season of fueling fire fighting air tankers.  Taylor has been promoted to Assistant Manager at Sisters Coffee Company.

Chad is living at home. He has had a part time job at McDonalds, but took on a roofing job the last (and hottest) week of June.  He hopes to get hired on full-time for more roofing jobs throughout the summer.

Jarod is wrapping up a few more things for his the upcoming black belt tea ceremony & demonstration and will be attending COCC through a Baker College program to finish up high school and start on some college classes.

Beth is tired, but loves keeping up with and having family around.

How much suffering is enough?

So Many Passwords!