living in Central oregon, brian is a follower of Jesus who is the director of operations for grace network international, the father of four, and husband of one.

Stepping into 2018

I can't believe it is already the first week of March 2018 and today would be my parents' 61st wedding anniversary.  

It has been 2 years since my father passed away in February 2016.  Since that time, I have been attempting to balance the work of Grace Network International (GNI), Shepherd's House Ministries (SHM), Gatley Family Trusts (Trustee), Grace Gate Community Church (GGCC), and my personal life at home with my family.  It has not been easy which has led to my departure from SHM in Sep 2017.

It has been 6 months since I left the employment of Shepherd's House Ministries. Yes, I left the employment of Shepherd's House Ministries back in September 2017.  Not only did I need time to continue to wrap up unresolved activities for my parents' trust, but Curt, Cash, and I discussed this extensively and it was our consensus that it would be best for me to be free of the responsibilities at SHM in order to dedicate more time to GNI, and my other responsibilities.

It has been 3 months since the dawn of 2018, and while my goals this year are still a work in progress, I am making progress in multiple directions that the Lord is leading (see below).

We have seen some dynamic changes in our family over that past year.

Kiehl has moved back home after 3 years of living in Cupertino, CA with my brother's family.  In the year that she has been home, she has been very active in finding, applying for, and taking on different jobs in the Early Learning field (daycare, schools, etc), but has found some of these conditions are not sustainable employment for what she is looking for.  But, she has also been very active in exploring much of Central Oregon by finding a new place to hike and a new trail to explore several times each month.

Taylor & Cody still live in Sisters and while Cody traveled with missionaries to multiple countries in 2017, he is settling into a local job with a motorsports company in Bend. Taylor continues at the Sisters Coffee Company in Sisters.  It has been a blessing having them close to home. Beth and Taylor (both encouraging the other) ran a half marathon together in November.

Chad is also home now and has landed a job with a gutter installation company in January (we have had an extremely mild 60-degree weather this winter) which has slowed a bit with the new onslaught of winter in the past 2 weeks.  But, Chad has also proven to be very capable of buying junk cars, parting them out (using the parts he needs for his car) and selling other parts on FaceBook. Just yesterday, he got his 1995 Jeep Cherokee running again that had been down for the good part of the past 6 months.

Jarod is constantly on the go with school at Central Oregon Community College (COCC), singing and acting in multiple productions (Fantasticks, Peter, and the Starcatchers), just finishing a co-directing role of Lion King Jr, and now preparing for the lead role, Curly, in the production of Oklahoma.  But, photography remains his primary passion and he has an unrelenting passion for getting outside for a "shoot", posting on social media, and connecting with photographers throughout the world.

Beth continues to be "supermom" with 3 of the 4 kids at home.  Her greatest desire is to connect with her children.  When kids are young they are always around, always home for most meals, always needing something from mom or dad.  But, now that they are adults, they are going and doing "their thing."  Beth has set an amazing example of connecting with each person as they come home.  We have also continued the tradition, started by my father, of eating breakfast/lunch together after church every Sunday.  We love to invite all of the kids even if only 1, 2 or none show up.  It is a time of fellowship together as a family.

For 2018 Beth and I have had the opportunity to work through a "Younique" process that is called a "Gospel-Centered Life Design."  It has been an encouraging process in discovering God's call on our lives and what this next season may hold.  I will write more about it in future letters.

How much suffering is enough?