living in Central oregon, brian is a follower of Jesus who is the director of operations for grace network international, the father of four, and husband of one.

I Love My Family

First of all, I have to say…I LOVE MY FAMILY!

Entering the teenage and adult years for all of us has had its bumps and challenges.  But, overall, I love the uniqueness of each of our kids and I love having them home and enjoying time together.

For the past two Sundays, Jarod, Beth and I have gone to Sisters for lunch after church and then hung out in Sisters Coffee Shop (where Taylor works) and played cards. The first Sunday Taylor and Cody were in town and we hung out together until Taylor was off work.  The second Sunday, Taylor and Cody were in Portland, but Beth, Jarod and I still had lunch, went for a walk and hung out in the Sisters Coffee playing a few rounds of cards….our games right now are “Hand and Foot”, “Hearts” and “Crazy Eights”…I won’t tell you who is winning most of the time, but it isn’t mom and it isn’t dad.

The Rheaults (Cody’s family) has spurred the card playing for us as they have reintroduced us to “Hand and Foot” within the past 6 months (we first learned “Hand and Foot” from the Brown’s several years ago).  News Years Eve we hosted a Fondu dinner and some rounds of Hand and Foot.  Then in February we were at the Rheault’s home and now it is our turn this month to host another game at our place.

Last month, we had the pleasure of having Kiehl home with her boyfriend Aaron, who we met for the first time at Disneyland in December.

Aaron builds AR15 rifles.  He has built one for Kiehl and during their visit, they brought both his and Kiehl’s with them.  We spent an evening making all kinds of noise on our property shooting because we were too lazy to drive out into BLM land to go shooting…I think we startled the neighbors a bit, but everyone are gun people and no one really complained.

When Kiehl and Aaron returned to CA, they installed new scopes on their guns and Aaron quickly learned how good Kiehl is with a rifle in her hands.

Jarod is concentrating on preparing himself for his hopeful blackbelt test (as of this writing, he does not know if he will be testing this year or not).  The dojo typically only has one black belt test per year and it spans over 3 - 4 months beginning typically in May when the snow begins to melt in the mountains. Yes, they travel into the mountains to take parts of their black belt test.

I had lunch with Chad last week.  Things aren't working out so well for Chad right now, but he is still living with a friend south of Redmond and is currently looking for work in either Bend or Redmond.

Walking is a goal of mine for 2015.  Walking and bit of running is a goal for Beth this year.  I am trying to settle into a pattern of hiking a 6 mile loop up Cline Butte at least 3 days a week and then at least 2 miles another 2 days a week.  Beth is following a slightly different pattern as time permits and possibly considering some running and/or walking events in the spring.

Another one of my other goals for 2015 is to read one book per month.  I am just finishing “Unbroken” and last month finished “The Boys In The Boat.”  These have been two of my favorite books of all time.

I rowed for the Humboldt State University Crew Team in 1979 - 1981.  At the same time, Karen, my sister, was rowing for Pacific Lutheran University in WA. Our dad rowed for USC.  Listening (I enjoy the audible version) to “The Boys in the Boat” has brought back so many memories even though I only had a short career of only for two years.  I was on the lightweight team and didn’t receive as much recognition as a “Varsity” or heavyweight/open weight team.  We did, however, win a lot of races our second year and at one time I had jerseys from Santa Clara, Stanford, USC, Navy, San Diego, St. Mary’s, and other schools.  If I recall correctly, I may have even won a University of Washington jersey, but never a University of Oregon.

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