The Long Haul

According to “American Slang: Cultural Language Guide to Living in the US” the definition of “the long haul” is 1) a long trip, 2) something that demands a long or extended period of time.

Enter The Shepherd's House...

As Carl shares his thoughts of suicide during our "Self Evaluation" (or "Body of Christ") time, I can't help but think what it takes to get to a place of losing hope.

Bill shares the details of his attempted suicide from the day before.

And then, Frank, with the torment of images from his past, shares that he too has thoughts of suicide.

As Christ tells us, sin and the wounding of our hearts does not begin with a behavior or an act, it actually begins in our minds. The power of sin, the deception of Satan and the wounding we receive continues in a cycle which leads to the loss of hope and ultimately death. It is a nasty cycle that I find hard to break.

But, by the Grace and Truth of Jesus Christ who died and now lives, we have a way out...but, most often, it is not just a "flip of a switch." Rarely, if ever, can lifetime wounds be healed with just the flip of a switch or the checking of a box(es). It instead requires something more along the lines of "The Long Haul"...something that demands a long or extend period of time.

There are no "quick fixes" at The Shepherd's House...not for the residents, and not for the staff. Yes, not for the staff. We have "issues" too. But, by stepping into relationship with one another (staff with residents; residents with residents; and staff with staff) we can begin the process of healing that some would call The Long Haul.

Yes, I am in this for the long haul with my friends Carl, Bill and Frank. I am also in this with fellow staff members Curt, Cash, Georgiann, et. al. Until such time that another step in the healing process is needed or we work it out together that the Lord is moving in another direction, we are in this with each other for The Long Haul.


We need prayer…prayer for our family, prayer at TSH and GNI, prayer for me personally.

Transition can be hugely rewarding, but it can also be very challenging.

Our kids are growing and spreading their wings - Jarod is continuing school; Chad is looking for work; Taylor continues with college and looking at "the next step"; Kiehl is working and building relationships all around her.

Satan wishes to destroy and separate us, individually and as a family. We need and value your prayers AND we would love to be praying for you.

One of our greatest encouragements is hearing from you....even if it is just “got your letter.”

Drop us a note in the enclosed envelope; send us an email; give us a call; contact us on Facebook; or contact us through our website. It is a blessing and a privilege to hear from you.



JUNE - I will be traveling to Phoenix for the annual AGRM (Association of Gospel Rescue Missions - conference.


JULY - We will be in Michigan to spend the 4th of July with Beth's family. We would love to connect with anyone in MI while we are there.

Please contact us if we can come see you July 6 - 10.