living in Central oregon, brian is a follower of Jesus who is the director of operations for grace network international, the father of four, and husband of one.

FAQ#2: What does Brian do?

To continue to follow up on the questions people have asked as we have been transitioning into full time ministry with Grace Network International, the second question people have asked is:

What exactly do you do, Brian?

As we are transitioning I am a bit spread out. I am basically serving in 9 different roles right now as we raise support and transition out of other obligations.

The 9 Lives of Brian

1. CHILD OF GOD My highest priority is my personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 2. HUSBAND My next priority is to my beautiful wife, Beth who the Lord has blessed me and my family with. 3. FATHER Bottom 4 children (ages 12 - 19) need me and I need them. I love them, they love me. 4. ASSET MANAGER I am the bookkeeper, administrator and point of contact for several (3) family entities which own several (8+) real estate properties in several (3) states. 5. WEB DEVELOPER My "tent making" work is developing websites. I have been doing this for the past 4 years and will continue to take on one project at a time to supplement contributions to the ministry. 6. GRACE NETWORK INTERNATIONAL I serve as the Director of Operations for Grace Network International. Beginning in September 2011, this has entailed:

  • attending and filming 5 day GNI training seminar in Phoenix, AZ;
  • developing and launching and associated blogs;
  • supervising the re-branding of GNI;
  • introducing webinar technology for consulting conference calls;
  • strategic planning to cast an expanded vision for GNI;
  • volunteering at The Shepherd's House;

7. THE SHEPHERD'S HOUSE Since June 2011, I have volunteered at The Shepherd's House to help with the transition from the old leadership to the new leadership of Curt Floski and Cash Lowe of GNI. We have accomplished the following:

  • implemented the GNI phase-based program;
  • strategic planning - both short-term and long-term;
  • installed a new donor management system;
  • implemented a marketing plan;
  • renegotiated the property lease;
  • reviewed the financial condition of the organization;
  • prepared financial and strategic planning information for board meetings;
  • reduced debt obligations of the mission from $80,000 to less than $12,000;
  • started to redesign and development of a new website;
  • implemented email communication with donors;
  • developed marketing materials;
  • reorganized staff office areas;
  • installed 3 computer systems;
  • participated in self-evaluations;
  • participated in outdoor activities;

8. THE BRIDGE CHURCH I am currently rebuilding the website for our church, The Bridge Church in Redmond, OR. I am also serving on "The Board" for the church, which is a Nazarene plant, as we move toward becoming a fully organized church on March 18, 2012. 9. REST As you can probably tell, in this season of life, there isn't a lot of what people would call "me time." I don't really look for it, but I do understand that we all need days of rest (I do rest on the Lord's day to worship Him and to fellowship with His body). I pray that in the near future the Lord will provide time for my family and I take some "time away."

Telling to Love or Showing Love

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