living in Central oregon, brian is a follower of Jesus who is the director of operations for grace network international, the father of four, and husband of one.

FAQ #1: The Difference Between The Shepherd's House and Grace Network International

As we have been transitioning into full time ministry with Grace Network International, I have had the opportunity to share what the Lord has been doing around us. The number one question people have asked is:

What is the difference between Grace Network International (GNI) and The Shepherd's House (TSH)?

The short answer is:

The Shepherd's House is a local rescue mission in Bend, OR serving the hurting and broken of Central Oregon through short term emergency services and a long term discipleship and habilitation program for approximately 35 men.

Grace Network International, however, extends much further than just Central Oregon. GNI seeks to be a conduit of the Grace and Truth of Jesus Christ bringing change and transformation to the culture of organizations throughout the world. You could call GNI "environmental architects". The Shepherd's House happens to be one organization where GNI is bringing about change while serving as current staff and leadership.

The long answer...see below:


The Shepherd's House PO Box 5484 Bend, OR 97708

Grace Network International PO Box 1249 Redmond, OR 97756


1854 NE Division St Bend, OR 97701

Redmond, OR



Curt Floski, Executive Director Cash Lowe, Director of Program Loomis Goode, Ministry Needs Beverly Goode, Hospitality Coordinator Kalisha Fleischmann, Executive Assistant Georgiann Watson, Accounts Payable (volunteer) Brian Gatley, Leadership Team (volunteer)

Curt Floski, Director Cash Lowe, Director Brian Gatley, Director of Operations Kevin Houk, Future staff raising support (All staff of GNI raise their own support.)


Steve Howrey, Chairman Sean Brooks Darin Hollingsworth Georgiann Watson Mike Yunker

Tom Sauve, Chairman Darin Hollingsworth Steve Howrey Steve Fisher Harry Douglass Mike Halstead Lloyd Love Roy Thompson


Second largest homeless shelter located in Central Oregon

An international ministry bringing change to the cultures of organizations throughout the world.


Founded in 2005 out of a vision to serve the most needy in Central Oregon. As of March 31, 2011, Curt Floski and Cash Lowe were asked to assume leadership of The Shepherd's House.

The founders of Grace Network International have been serving the needy for over 30 years. Beginning in 1979 responding to an invitation to volunteer at a small rescue mission in downtown Seattle, Curt Floski and Cash Lowe have been involved in mission work ever since. Lowe Family Ministry was founded in 1987 and then changed its name to Grace Network International in 2000. Since that time, Curt and Cash have been changing the way recovery and habilitation have been done across America. Outgrowing their delivery system, Brian Gatley & Kevin Houk joined GNI in 2011 to help spread the message of Grace and Truth more effectively and efficiently.


At The Shepherd’s House (TSH) we strive to feed the hungry and to shelter the homeless, but our deeper aim is to walk alongside people to effectively address the life-controlling issues that perpetuate the long-term cycles of pain and homelessness.

Grace Network International (GNI) provides life changing training, human resources, and equiping services that impact organizations on the front line of addiction and abuse.


Our goal at TSH is to be a safe and healing environment where the Grace and Truth of Jesus Christ flows freely, transforming the hearts and lives of people. In this environment of Grace our goal is not to modify behavior. We desire to see hearts healed so that life changes flow from the inside out.

GNI seeks to partner with others in creating safe and healing environments where the Grace & Truth of Jesus Christ flows freely; where the hearts of men can be freed and transformed from the inside out. GNI offers the hope and healing of Christ to the hurting and the broken of this world. Currently partnering with dozens of organizations in the U.S. and around the world, GNI aspires to help meet the overwhelming needs of a world in pain. We are committed to walking in Christ with people on the transforming journey of wholeness.


While providing emergency services for the most needy in Central Oregon, TSH primarily provides long-term discipleship and habilitation for up to 35 men at a time. Residents and staff are engaged in a 6 phase program addressing life-controlling issues. The program includes an average of 5 hours of classes per day, community based accountability, case management, counseling, addiction recovery, dysfunction and abuse habilitation, crisis and anger management skills, Bible studies and chapel services.

GNI’s main focus is training and equipping of rescue mission staff across the U.S. The primary method typically begins with a live group training seminar. However, the central component to any training and consulting by GNI is RELATIONSHIP. The Grace and Truth of God through the Gospel of His son Jesus Christ is a message of relationship between the Creator and His creation. Hope and healing for the hurting and broken through Grace is achieved through relationship. Therefore the training and consulting provided by GNI is relational. The typical services of GNI include live training seminars, phone calls, and face to face meetings. However, we are now providing online webinars and recorded video training.


501(c)3 Organization Private donations (90%) Private foundations (10%) TSH does not accept nor seek public or governmental funding sources

501(c)3 Organization Private support for each staff member (90%) Equipping & training fees (10 - 20%) GNI does not accept nor seek public or governmental funding sources


  1. Program staff members (2-4)
  2. Adult learning center
  3. Kitchen facility
  4. Office Manager
  5. Private office space
  6. Client management system
  1. Continued relationships with existing organizations
  2. Building of additional relationships with other organizations
  3. Support (financial and prayer) for all staff members
  4. Travel safety
  5. Provision, blessing and protection of our families

FAQ#2: What does Brian do?

Receiving God's Resources