Brian is currently serving as the Director of Operations for Grace Network International.

Brian joined Grace Network International in 2011 after it became evident that the demand for the message of Grace outpaced the ability for GNI to deliver this message, i.e. GNI had outgrown their delivery system and needed help.

With a background in web development, Internet marketing and business management, Brian brings to the table skills neither Curt nor Cash possess. With a desire to increase the effectiveness and efficiency for both Curt and Cash, Brian has redesigned the GNI website, has participated in GNI training programs and has enabled GNI to provide online consulting and training.

Brian was part of the leadership team as the Director of Operations of Shepherd's House Ministries (SHM) in Bend, OR, but in Sep 2017, Brian stepped down from his position so he can focus other ministry opportunities with GNI and his local church, Grace Network International.  Brian continues to volunteer teach at SHM. 

Brian has been married for almost 30 years (2109) to his lovely wife, Beth, and is the father of 4 children, all of whom have been educated at home. They currently live in Redmond, Oregon and enjoy families activities throughout beautiful Central Oregon.


So why GNI?

It was the first week of June 2011. My phone rang.

Brian: "Hello?"

Curt: "Hey Brian, it's Curt."

Brian: "Hey Curt, what's up?"

Curt: "I need some help here at The Shepherd's House. Could you help us out?"

Brian: "Ah..sure? What do you need?" I didn't know what I was getting myself into.

Curt: "We need a way to communicate better with the donors and volunteers of The Shepherd's House (i.e. a Donor Management System). Could you help us find one?"

A week later, my phone rings.

Brian: "Hello?"

Curt: "Hey Brian, it's Curt."

Brian: "Hey know, I started looking into that donor management system."

Curt: "Hey great! Thank you. I really appreciate you doing that for us."

Brian: "No problem. So, what's up?"

Curt: "Hey, our lease is coming due on the building we are in and...ah...I was wondering if you could review our current lease and help us negotiate the renewal?"

Brian: "Ah....sure?"

Curt: "Could you come down and meet Cash and I here at the mission and we can talk about what we need to do?"

Brian: "Ah, sure...?" I didn't know what I was getting myself into.

I had never been to The Shepherd's House. I had never been in a rescue mission. I was ashamed; I have never even spoken to a homeless person before; never served a meal, never volunteered, never even donated anything to a mission.

The next day, I arrive at the mission to meet Curt and Cash.

Nervously, I walked in the front door. There were a bunch of guys gathered in the Chapel right next to the front door. Everyone turned to look at the new guy (rookie) walking in the door.

I approached the front desk, "I'm here to meet Curt and Cash."

Front Desk: "Neither of them are here yet, but you can wait for them."

Brian: "Thank you."

About 25 guys were sitting patiently in the Chapel waiting for something.

Guy 1: "Hi, who are you?"

Brian: "" The guy who doesn't know what he is getting into. The guy who is nervous to be in a different and unfamiliar place. The guy who has never stepped foot into a mission; let alone a mission with 25 sets of eyes focused on the new guy in the front of the room.

Brian: "'m Brian. I'm here to meet Curt and Cash."

Guy 1: "They aren't here yet. Cash is suppose to be leading chapel."

Since I am already standing at the front of the room, someone says,

Guy 2: "Tell us about yourself. Who are you?"

Brian: "Ah...I'm Brian. I'm here to meet with Curt and Cash."

Cash is now 15 minutes late.

Nervously, I continue, "Ah...I'm here to help them with some stuff. I live in Redmond, I have 4 kids, and I really don't know why I am standing up here in front of this room talking to you."

Guy 3 from the back of the room: "God sent you," he blurts out.

I didn't know what I was getting myself into.

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